today is the last day of camp .

today is the last day of PC camp . in camp we did emailing , took apart a p.c., made a video game, worked on typing .



today I will be working on my typing skills and will be going into the settings and graphics on a program that u can make video games on.also i will use a program called voice thread that allows u to say something  and it will type that word that u said.


look i know u are not  to play video games but here is a good one made by me :          this  is a game that is easy at first but at the end ( lvl 5 ) it has two parts: part 1 has 2 ninjas and 5 bats. part 2 has 15 bats and a machine gun plus two doors: door 1 is a exit door: door two is the game winning door ( if u go into it u win the game ) and that is my game.